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Corrugated Gusset Folder

Key Features:

  • Most commonly used as a wrap up and is very similar to other mailer styles of custom corrugated boxes.
  • No glue required, and assembly is quick, simple, and easy, especially compared to other custom sized corrugated boxes.
  • The side panel will go downwards first, and then the front panel seal will lock in the slot. This interlocking closes the corrugated gusset folder.
  • Perfect for relatively light products, such as stationery, food products, and pharmaceutical product.
  • Completely customizable in size and design. PACKHAN™ produces custom boxes that will 100% match your order and promises quality and precision.
  • Other optional customization choices available for corrugated gusset folder, including (but not limited to) window patching, window cutting, and more.

All of PACKHAN™ boxes are fully customizable in size and design and Manufactured in our own Factory in China.

This mailer style of custom sized box is a heavy duty and reliable option for many packaging needs. The custom corrugated gusset folder is an ideal solution for lighter and more compact products and items. For example, stationery items, pharmaceutical items, medical items, and light food items would all prosper in a custom PACKHAN™ corrugated gusset folder.

This folder is often and most commonly used a a wrap up of products. Because no glue is required for assembly or installation, you can quickly and easily assemble the corrugated gusset folder manually. The side panel of the corrugated gusset folder goes downwards towards the first, and the front panel is sealed with a lock and slot enclosure. The corrugated gusset folder provides depth, which can be utilized for a variety of products and items.

Our corrugated gusset folder is fully customizable in size, design, and dimensions. You’ll be happy to find that PACKHAN™ produces custom boxes exactly to your specifications, and offer true-to-life printing. This is made possible by our use of high end offset and digital printing. Other optional customizations, such as window patching and window cutting, are also available on the corrugated gusset folder.

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Natural (Brown) Kraft Linerboard, Oyster White Board, Kemi White Board, Bleached White Board

Printing Methods

Offset Print, Digital Print, UV Print, Scodix Digital Enhancement


Water-based Inks, Soy/Vegetable Based inks, Fluorescent Color Ink, Oil Based Inks, Pantone, Pantone Metallic


Aqueous Coating, UV Coating, Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, Varnish, Lamination, Anti-scratch lamination, Soft touch / Silk Lamination

Addition Options

Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foil Printing, Blind Embossing, Blind Debossing, Registered Embossing, Combination Embossing, Window Patching


Natural Kraft Corrugated Insert, Corrugated Box Divider Inserts, Dry Press Molded Pulp Inserts, Wet Press Molded Pulp Inserts, Processed Molded Pulp

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