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Leather Book Style Box with Insert

Key Features:

  • Soft ester foam for maximum security.
  • Completely customizable options.
  • Designed especially for delicate, fragile products as well as eateries.
  • Available in lots of sizes, shapes, colors and styles.
  • Affordable prices and packages


At PACKHAN™, we make no compromises on the quality no matter what the quantity of the product may be. This is the reason why our packaging boxes are not only safe; they are also long lasting and durable. We use the best insert inside the boxes in order to make sure that your product is snug inside its covering and does not come to any harm.

Foam Security

Foam insert is the one you need when packing items that are easily breakable or have some kind of electronic equipment attached. The reason is that ester foam is spongy and provides maximum safety from shock of any kind. This means that even if there is glass inside the packaging, likelihood of its breakage are minimized.

No matter what the size of the product or what kind of packaging you may need, we can personalize anything for you. At PACKHAN™, we offer completely customizable boxes. All you have to do is tell us in detail about what it is you want. From material to color, size to shape, and design to stenciled words, we can do everything that is as per requirement. If you want some logo or specific marketing strategy embossed on the box, we can do that for you as well.





Manufacturing Process

1.Preparing the Interior

Specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes) is wrapped and glued to the interior of the chipboard. Any additional add-ons like magnets are added before applying the specialty paper to create a seamless finish.

2.Preparing the Exterior

After applying all interior finishes, the box is folded and formed to apply the exterior specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes). Finally, the specialty paper is trimmed to the size of the box and glued to the exterior of the chipboard.

3.Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are done to polish up any areas; for example, any excess specialty paper is folded into the box and glued for a seamless edge.

Additional information


Duplex Chipboard, Grey Chipboard Cardboard, SBS C2S, Natural Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Black Kraft, Metallic Paper, Holographic, Textured

Printing Methods

Offset Print, Digital Print, UV Print, Scodix Digital Enhancement


Water-based Inks, Soy/Vegetable Based inks, Fluorescent Color Ink, Oil Based Inks, Pantone, Pantone Metallic


Aqueous Coating, UV Coating, Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, Varnish, Lamination, Anti-scratch lamination, Soft touch / Silk Lamination

Addition Options

Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foil Printing, Blind Embossing, Blind Debossing, Registered Embossing, Combination Embossing, Window Patching


Plastic Handles, Leather Handles, Macramé Handles, Ribbon Handles, Ribbon & Bows, Metal Locks, Magnetic Locks, Child Resistant Locks

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