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Seal End With Perforated Top

Key Features:

  • Based on full overlap and seal end style of packaging.
  • Perforated cut present on the front panel for easy tear away.
  • Commonly used as tissue paper packaging.
  • Can be customized with a cut in the middle and under the front panel

All of PACKHAN™ boxes are fully customizable in size and design and Manufactured in our own Factory in China.

The packaging you choose for your products is pretty much responsible for how it will be perceived by buyers. Shoddy or unimaginative boxing solutions tend to go ignored and so do the products they have in their confines. At PACKHAN™, we take our packaging solutions and their designs very seriously for this very reason and our custom seal end with perforated top boxes and packaging are a testament to that commitment. We offer a diverse selection of printed and folding cartons from reverse to flower tuck and everything in between. Our custom seal end with perforated top packaging solutions come with a seal end that is perforated on top and is based on the overall seal end. The perforated cut is designed to tear away with ease with a single tug which makes it ideal for tissue papers. We can also send it with a file along with an additional middle under the front panel. The design will depend on your exact specifications.

As leading custom seal end with perforated top boxes and packaging manufacturers, PACKHAN™ can easily become your one stop destination for your boxing needs. The boxes may seem small, but they can handle small and lightweight products without damaging them in any way. In other words, we can handle any packaging need you require or you can just take a look at the range we have on offer to choose the ones you prefer. We have the committed team and full scale facilities to take your brand to the next level with our strong and completely customizable boxes. So, you know that if you’re looking for convenience and elegance in a single package, PACKHAN™’s custom seal end with perforated top boxes will tick all of those boxes.

We use only the best materials for all our packaging solutions. The design in our custom bookend CD cases features custom graphics and UV gloss to make sure your tech products remain safe from damage. If you’re looking for convenience and elegance in a single package, then custom printed bookend CD cases at PACKHAN™ are exactly what you need. Our experienced team at PACKHAN™ leaves no stone unturned in delivering you the ultimate quality and aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. Using state of the art technology, we offer you excellent customer service and the best deals in the industry.

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SBS C1S, SBS C2S, CCNB, Fully Recycled CCNB, Natural Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Black Kraft, Uncoated Unbleached Kraft (UUK), Clay Coated Kraft Back (CCK), Clay Natural Kraft (CNK), Metallic Paper, Holographic, Textured

Printing Methods

Offset Print, Digital Print, UV Print, Scodix Digital Enhancement


Water-based Inks, Soy/Vegetable Based inks, Fluorescent Color Ink, Oil Based Inks, Pantone, Pantone Metallic


Aqueous Coating, UV Coating, Spot Gloss UV, Soft Touch Coating, Varnish, Lamination, Anti-scratch lamination, Soft touch / Silk Lamination

Addition Options

Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foil Printing, Blind Embossing, Blind Debossing, Registered Embossing, Combination Embossing, Window Patching


Natural Kraft Paperboard Insert, Folding Carton Box Divider Inserts, Natural Kraft Corrugated Insert, Corrugated Box Divider Inserts, Standard White Corrugated Insert, PETG Blister Insert, PVC Blister Insert, HIPS Blister Insert

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